All stained sections are mounted with DPX and cover slipped. All slides are printed with a Slide Mate AS Thermal Slide Printer detailing the section and staining method applied.

Prices are listed below followed comprehensive list of the available sections and stains.

We accept institutional and commercial purchase requisition orders.

Unstained Sections:

Price per section
Mounted onto routine glass slides:£0.75
Mounted onto Superfrost Plus slides:£0.95

Standard Stains:

TechniqueTo demonstrate Price per section
Gram StainMicro-Organisms (if present)£2.00
Haematoxylin & EosinRoutine morphology stain£1.50

Special Stains:

Technique To demonstrate Price per section
Alcian Blue/ PASAcid & Neutral Mucins£3.00
Congo RedAmyloid (If present)£2.00
GiemsaMast cells, Blood smears£2.50
Gordon & SweetReticulin£5.00
Grocott’s Methenamine SilverFungus in Tissues (if present)£5.00
MSB StainFibrin £3.00
Periodic Acid SchiffGlycogen. Basement membranes £3.00
Picro Sirius RedCollagen£2.75

Unstained Histology Sections:

Epithelial TissuesSource
1. Squamous Epithelium Buccal Smear
2. Renal TubulesCuboidal Epithelium
3. Ciliated Epithelium Bronchus T.S
4. Pseudostratified EpitheliumTrachea T.S
5. Simple Columnar EpitheliumSmall intestine T.S
6. Stratified Squamous Epithelium Oesophagus T.S
7. Transitional Epithelium Urinary Bladder T.S
Connective TissueSource
8. Areolar Connective TissueMammary Gland
9. Adipose TissueFatty Tissue
10. White Fibrous Connective Tissue Tendon L.S
11. Yellow Elastic TissuePinna V.S
12. Reticulin FibersLiver or Lymph Node
13. Hyaline Cartilage Trachea T.S
Circulatory SystemSource
14. ArteryT.S
15. VeinT.S
16. AortaT.S
17. Cardiac MuscleL.S
Lymphatic System Source
18. Lymph NodeT.S
19. Peyer’s Patches Llium T.S
20. SpleenT.S
Endocrine SystemSource
21. Adrenal Gland V.S
22. Pituitary Gland V.S
23. Thyroid Gland
24. TestisT.S
25. Ovary T.S
Digestive System Source
26. Tongue V.S
27. Salivary Gland
28. Oesophagus T.S
29. Stomach L.S
30. Duodenum T.S
31. Ilium T.S
32. Appendix T.S
33. ColonT.S
34. Liver
35. Pancreas
Respiratory System Source
36. Trachea T.S
37. Bronchus T.S
38. Lung
Urogenital SystemSource
39. Kidney V.S
40. Urinary BladderV.S
41. Fallopian Tube T.S
42. UterusT.S
43. VaginaT.S
44. OveryT.S
45. TestisT.S
46. Prostate Gland V.S
Muscular System Source
47. Striated Muscle L.S
48. Striated MuscleT.S
49. Non- Striated Muscle Intestinal WallL.S
50. Cardiac Muscle Cat no: 17
Nervous System Source
51. Cerebellum V.S
53. Spinal CordT.S

Please enquire if you require a tissue that is not listed. We will do our best to source your requirements.

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